Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Virtual Thumb Run!

Hi Kennan,

Your Dad finally got a date for his "Fun Run" on Oct. 19th. Here is the brochure that he create:
As you see we are having a virtual thumb run for all those outside of Iowa I am having a virtual Thumb Run. Because as you can see I don't run or walk in the traditional sense. But I can do a little bit of training like thumb wrestling and long distance twiddling. I will be using the blog, twitter and Facebook to get the word out. So I will not be writing to you for a while. 

Until the Thumb Run,
PT&Teal ;-)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Episode 14: Shortest One Yet‏

Hi Kennan,

Let me tell you the car I was in this week was much better. We got to see a new part of Memphis called Bartlett.

It is pretty cool and I will take more pictures later now that I found out to jump into photos from the bottom.

Today's is short because your Dad is at the end of a book and can't read without me. Enjoy the last photo with my smiling nail.

Nail-thly yours,

PT and Teal ;-)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Episode 13: Purple Tool Thumbs

Hola Kennan!

How are you Kennan? I am doing great because we just got $5,000 dollars donated to 4 Paws for ability. I was so happy I gave my self thumb smile. I hope I never get as old as your Dad. If I didn't know better I would think he was trying out for Santa Claus. Teal thinks is makes him look mature. Whatever...;-P

That is what is so great being a thumb. I am always growing and we just trim off the old. But I must give credit to a couple of old but cool Tooling Thumb Men I hang nail out with. I was so embarrassed and felt old when the only rental left was a Mini Van. You can tell from the photo your dad didn't feel enthused either. But it nothing compared to the moving puke green Jeep Tooling Thumb Senior had to drive.

I laughed so hard because it looked like a moving piece of No. 2. No way am I going to complain again. It is all a matter of perspective and if we understand someone else's problems ours do not look so bad.

Age is not so bad, even though I still think your Dad is ancient. But Tooling Thumb Senior and Almost as Senior are great. I admire their support and the wisdom they share with me. Even Teal laughs when we give each other a bad time.

UnTeal later,
PT & Teal;-)

PS Hopefully I can put one of Tooling Thumb's pictures on the blog

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Episode 12: Play Dough! Getting in Touch with your Inner Thumb‏

Oi Kennan,

You ask me why my travel e-mails start with Hi Kennan. You know I am not sure so I asked your fuzzy faced Dad how to say this in Portuguese. So since it is so easy to tap I used it. Speaking of fuzzy faces your dad said he would shave if we can do the following:

1. Talk your Mom into it
2. Raise the money for your service dog
3. Buy sunscreen since your dad is pigmentaly challenged and his face hasn't seen the light of day for at least 5 years.

You remember telling you how cool teal is because she like the mud. Well we rediscovered Play Dough and she loves the texture and her mom doesn't even make her clean her nails.

Play Dough Buddy

Let me know what helps you de-stress. Even better sent a picture of what helps you. Encourage your somewhat grumbly crumbly bumbly Dad of yours to play with you. You would be surprised how many grown-ups would love an excuse to play.

Na na na na Na na na na Hey Hey Thumb bye,

PT;-) & Teal

PS Check out where I am at now. Hint I can't tap this clock's name be cause it is to long

Friday, July 19, 2013

Episode 11: Glossy Thumb‏

Hi Kennan,
It is another week of travels mostly lost because of you know who (hint: he is snoring like moose on the loose). When you grow older always ask for directions and have a place to go. Otherwise as Teal and I found out you don't end up where you go.
This week I had a special treat I got my first texted photo of one of your thumb buddies. Below is that picture if I can figure out how to copy it over.

Glossy Thumb
Cool it worked! Her name is Glossy and she put my finish to shame. But I am OK with my polish job you inspired. I think each of us has our own challenges and we can rest our thumbs if we just lean on each other. It even happens to everyone even Glossy had a sad event this week with a tiny casket. Teal's and my thumbs go out to her and her nephew. Why do bad things happen to us? Is it so we can understand other when we go through similar events? 
I don't know. Teal has been dealing with her problems before her nail was fully formed. It is very similar to FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders... whew! It easier to tap FASD) that estimates 1% of children are born with. There was nothing she did but she has to deal with it. Well (a very deep subject) keep leaning on others and offer a rest when others need it. Even your Dad gave up a window and aisle seat on the plane today so two families could sit together. He seemed happy.
Great with Glossy,
PT;-) & Teal
PS Guess where I met Glossy? The last photo is a hint.
Where's PT?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Episode 10: Buddies‏ on the 4th

Hi Kennan,
Thanks for a great 4th of July! I really enjoyed playing Frisbee with Teal.
Frisbee on the 4th

And yes here is photos of our friends. You can tell them by their lovely colors.
Teal was tickled pink that so many thumb buddies have joined us for a Barbecue. Here are a bunch of photos that we took.

Butterfly thumbs

Group Shot

Painting for a good cause

Teal's artistic side
 I must say that I'm thankful to all of our buddies who painted their thumbnails especially the guys who showed their colors.
I can't wait for more pictures.
Same thumb and time next week,
PT;-) and Teal
PS It too dark to see me but check out the last photos they are enlightening.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Episode 9: Krypton‏

Hi Kennan,
Are you doing well? I'm limber and ready for a good thumb wrestle. I don't play much with Teal because she gets too frustrated and thinks she has got to cheat. You should have seen her come to match one time with a thimble on.
I wanted to help Teal with her anger so we decided to see if my super power (faith) could be used to help neutralize her kryptonite of anger. We picked the top two things that make her angry. I must say the hardest thing was just picking two and here they are:
1. having lotion applied (She says it makes her feel slimy)
2. The word "No" when she wants to do something
One time when she wanted to play in the dirt (she is so cool) but instead she was told "no" and ordered to get washed and lotioned (she calls it being stripped and whipped). Let me tell you she lost control of her temper for hours.
Oooh! Check out the clouds out my window in the photo.

Your Dad is now resting his eyelids, but lucky for us he is in deep thought sometimes I pity him but then I realize what a great family he has and I don't feel bad at all.
Anyways I practiced and acted out with Teal what she woud rather do the next time she has to get washed and lotioned so she might more likely do something different when she is angry.
Here's a question to our thumb buddies: how do you deal anger? Teal might be able to use your answers. I saw your Dad get angry this weekend and it wasn't pretty but at least he cooled off and didn't do something he would regret.
Press forward,
PT & Teal;-)
PS nothing like a glowing thumb and a stuffed animal to make you feel better.